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Solution Building Couple Therapy by Elliott Connie

Nu gentages succes'en med Elliott Connie, der er førende indenfor løsningsfokuseret parterapi. I denne workshop over 2 intensive dage med øvelser, oplæg og film, vil du få konkrete redskaber til at anvende direkte i dit arbejde med par og forældre. 

SolutionsbyWulf present Elliott Connie, Texas, USA in a 2 days masterclass workshop on how to work from a solution focused approach in couple therapy and his way of working fits also for split couples as well as parenting issues. Elliott writes: 

In the past, I have described couples therapy as being difficult. As I think about it now, I have to amend that description. Of course it is still accurate to describe providing couples therapy as a challenge, I would have to add the word “fun” to the description. It just seems incomplete to highlight the challenge of this work without also amplifying just how fun working in this way is. So, for me, it is “fun challenging work”

I am never surprised when attendees to my events look at me like I am crazy for describing this way of working as fun, but once they see the conversation unfold between the professional and the couple, the fun is quite clear and no longer so surprising.

When couples enter in the therapy room for the first time, they are undoubtedly expecting a conversation that is anything but enjoyable, for them or the professional. A conversation about the problem that led the couple into therapy, the hurts, the mistrust and all of the common things that often lead towards couples towards having problems. However, when the couple is greeted by the common SFBT opening question “what are you best hopes” the tone immediately changes and the conversation is never the same.

Once the couple’s best hopes for the conversation have been established the environment in the therapy is now appropriate to explore the past successes of the couple and examine how their love grew from the very beginning of their relationship. I have to be clear, when I say fun, I don’t mean that we are sitting in the session laughing and joking. It really is a very serious conversation. By fun I mean the action of the conversation, there is nothing more fun than watching a couple re-establish loving feelings towards one another as they describe what their love was like when it was at it best.

Then, the most amazing part of the session, the preferred future description takes place. Prompted by a future focused question by the professional, the couple then engages in a conversation about how they would like to experience their future. There is nothing watching a couple who walked into the office feeling as though they are headed towards certain divorce now engaged in a hopeful conversation about how they would like their tomorrow’s to look.

As usual, this course will contain video examples of my work with real couples as well as loads of opportunities for attendees to practice the skills demonstrated and discussed through fun and engaging exercises. 

The strength of the Solution Focused Approach is it’s simplicity, however, that is also what makes it such a challenge to learn. This workshop will give attendees the foundation that would allow them to become skilled practitioners when working with couples using this way of working.

Key Features: 

  • Provides a unique view of couples therapy in action using the solution focused approach.
  • Includes actual questions to ask clients, sample dialogues, and sample homework assignments
  • Features examples drawn from actual cases, illustrating techniques used in practice  with real couples
  • Presents scales to measure progress and supporting research for the application of solution-focused therapy to couples counseling
  • How to handle arguments in the session
  • What to do when one member of the couple is less invested than the other.

Price for 2 days including breakfast, lunch and coffeebreaks are 4.000 Dkr.

Pris for bg. dage inkl. fuld forplejning er 4.000 kr. inkl. moms


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